Spectacle Lenses

We offer the latest in sports lenses and progressive lenses as well as durable, easy to clean coatings for single vision and progressive lenses.

In the last 5 years remarkable advances have been made in single vision .and progressive lens technology. With new antireflective coatings and digital lenses we are able to offer our patients the level of protection they need to keep their vision crisp and clear for the life span of their glasses. Also available are the thinnest lenses on the market; the 1.74 index lens.

Over the last few years new research has shown that the blue light coming off of our digital devices; such as our cell phones, computer monitors and tablets, can affect our sleep cycle and cause cataracts and macular degeneration to affect us at a much earlier age then in the past. The blue blocking technology on Prevencia, Duravision blue protect and Eyezen+ lenses can prevent this from happening.

For those wanting the latest advances in optical lenses, we offer the latest Essilor and Zeiss lenses. These lenses decrease peripheral distortions and aberrations typically found at the very edges of one's vision. This gives you crisp, clear high definition vision. We are able to offer many other lenses as well and welcome inquiries on specific lenses.

All lenses that are made with a scratch resistant coating, anti-reflective coating, polycarbonate or polarized lenses have a one year warranty against scratches. This warranty does NOT cover chips or gouges, but does cover normal wear and tear. Should you scratch your lenses, we will gladly replace them (one time) during the 1 year warranty at no charge. Call us today for more information!